Three Products to Freshen a Room

1.A Great Swivel Chair

Sometimes the best way to freshen a room is by changing up a piece of furniture. I love a streamlined, comfortable swivel chair to maximize use of a space. For many of our clients with open floor plans, the once “formal living room” often doubles as the family room. Tailored, clean-lined swivel chairs are perfect for more formal gatherings, while still being comfortable for watching a movie or reading a book.

These pair of petite, slip-covered swivel chairs sit opposite a matching sofa in this beach home to help round out the space. | Click picture to see product info |
Here is another swivel chair that we often use in our client’s houses. The curved arms add a unique feature to this chair while still being sleek and streamlined. | Click picture to see product info |

2. The Perfect Natural Fiber Rug for Your Home

There are so many great options for natural fiber rugs. I love the versatility of a sisal or jute rug. Rugs with more intricate, woven patterns lend themselves to more traditional palettes, while simpler ones can be layered under a smaller antique rug or a hide for a layered bohemian or modern vibe. Below is one of our favorites that is extremely versatile and soft.

Here’s how we used this natural jute rug in an install that was still in progress. Even though the space wasn’t completely finished, you can tell the immediate difference it brings to a room, by grounding where the furniture will be placed and giving a subtle texture to the space. | Click picture to see product info |

3. Something Sculptural

I love incorporating a piece of sculpture into a room. Adding interesting lines and materials through accessories and clean-lined furniture can really lighten and enlighten a room. A perfect room reviver, a sculptural piece literally refreshes a room instantly. What we enjoy doing is using sculptural furniture to really help add visual interest to a space. This metal and wood chair is one of our current favorite sculptural pieces. We are using a pair in a client’s study opposite a sleek desk, and grounded by an antique style rug to create depth and balance.

Manhattan Chair
When people think of sculptural elements, that doesn’t typically include furniture, but we love incorporating some furniture that has a sculptural element to help bring visual interest, and add something unique to each client’s home. | Click picture to see product info |


Images: 1 by Richard Leo Johnson, 2 by Stanford, 3 by AHInteriors, 4 by Redford House