Restoring Savannah

One of the best parts of my job is working with a handful of contractors in Savannah who have a passion for the history of the city and a vision for reviving and restoring neglected properties.


Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of working with Honza Minichbauer, of Honza Properties, LLC on a complete restoration of a home on 37th Street in Savannah. This neglected home was overwhelming – the home had to literally be brought back to life. We worked together on space planning the property so that it would meet the needs of modern life, while keeping the historic elements that define the home and give it character. Here, see some of the dramatic before and after shots:

BEFORE: 37th Street Façade

2012 545

AFTER: 37th Street Façade


BEFORE: Stair at Entry

2012 536

AFTER: View of Stair at Entry



BEFORE: Main Hall

2012 538

AFTER: Main Hall




BEFORE: Bath Under Stair

2012 540

AFTER: Bath Under Stair





BEFORE: Kitchen

2012 532

AFTER: Kitchen


BEFORE: Bedroom / Hall

2012 533

AFTER: Bedroom / Hall


BEFORE: View to Second Floor Bath

2012 539

AFTER: Second Floor Bath