Plant Style

Even the most well designed rooms need some life. In the spirit of summer, we are focusing on the finishing touches of a room – bringing the outdoors in with great plant style. While a vase of fresh hydrangeas is beautiful, plants and trees can really add texture and color to a room. And the pots and planters you choose can help tie together your design style. Here are a few of our favorite trees to bring inside.



Orange, lemon and lime trees have great natural pops of color and are fragrant (my favorite is a Meyer lemon). Here are some different ways to style a citrus tree: Using a dark pot against a white or light wall and windows creates a sculptural feel and lets the plant be a focal point. Accentuating the yellow of the lemon, you can pair a lemon tree with a lemon colored backdrop. And, for a classic look, blue and white Chinoiserie pottery never goes out of style.

Citrus Tree 1



Citrus Tree 2


Citrus Tree 3



Fiddle Fig Leaf Tree is the “hot plant of the year” with designers. It’s graced the pages of many interior shots in a variety of design and décor magazines this year. It’s no wonder – the sculptural quality of the plant makes a great statement. It works in a variety of interiors, and I just love it potted in a basket for a more casual look.

Fig Leaf 1

Fig Leaf 2

Fig Leaf 3

Fig Leaf 4


Tropical plants are fun. They can be dressed up in beautiful pottery and dressed down used playfully as centerpieces in casual beachy rooms. We’re lucky in Savannah to have a good variety of species to choose from – and I often cut a few palm fronds from my back yard to stick in vases before I host a party. Why not pot a Palm and bring some tropics to your interior no matter where you live.

Palm 1

Palm 2

Palm 3

Bring some Plant Style to your home, but no faux plants please… just add a little water and sunlight, you can do it!



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