Painted Floors

Many years ago, the American colonists started painting hardwood floors not only to protect the wood, but as an inexpensive way to add decoration to their spaces. A lot of the early colonists couldn’t afford expensive things like area rugs or marble floors, so they either painted to add interest, or to mimic something more luxurious.


Today, in addition to a more neutral black and white pattern, designers are going bold with pops of color on the floors. A beautiful way to play it safe is with all white floors, especially if paired with white walls. Clean and simple, this look keeps the space light and airy. Here are some beautiful ideas that we like for painting wood floors.
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If you’re tired of your hardwood floors, and are thinking about replacing them with something else, consider talking to a designer about painting instead! It’s often much cheaper than replacing the floor(depending on how intricate a pattern you want), and you’ll be left with a brand new look!


images: 1. via beautiful habitat 2. via apartment therapy 3. via mechantdesign BlogSpot 4. via mydesignchic 5. via villanogorlunda BlogSpot 6. via cococozy