Non-Traditional Holiday Decor

There are many variations on the traditional red and green Christmas décor, but sometimes we like to go in a completely different direction just to spice things up a bit. There are some great ideas out there for putting together a non-traditional holiday home with just as much holiday magic as the tried and true red and green. Try selecting one overarching theme to ensure your design will be cohesive. Choose one element that is already a part of most holiday décor and emphasize it. This will give you a less obvious, but still recognizable holiday look.


A décor scheme where everything is alive can be beautifully understated, especially in winter. Most of what’s available during this season is traditional holiday greenery. Letting the greenery shine on its own without a lot of embellishment shows off the elegance of the plants and makes your home into an enchanted Christmas forest.

An easy way to alter the look of your home this Christmas is to replace your greens and reds with jewel tones. Not only do jewel tones bring rich vibrance to your décor, but in the bible purple was a color of luxury. All you need to do for this look is switch out simple pieces like ornaments and ribbon. Mix with any metallic decorations you already have for added luxury.
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For a winter wonderland in your house, limit yourself to white for your holiday decorating. This is especially effective if your furnishings, walls, etc. are in a neutral or white palette already.
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For a truly ethereal Christmas look, try decorating using mostly light, specifically white light or candlelight. This look is magical and warm and best of all, it’s breathtaking after dark.
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Whatever you choose to decorate with for the holidays, the most important thing is that your holiday décor makes you feel good when you walk in your front door. Happy Holidays!



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