Mixing Metals

One of the ongoing dilemmas in the world of design today is whether to mix metals, or to keep everything uniform. Do you use all gold, or keep it cooler by using all silver? You may ask yourself, ”how am I to mix metals while making everything seem cohesive?” We have the solution to that!

Our biggest tip is to start small. Use smaller accessories when starting out. While you may get excited about starting a new project and buy something completely out of the norm for your space, try to fight the urge and select a few smaller pieces, such as a candle, or a vase. This not only allows your eyes to get used to seeing the two different materials in a room together but it saves you from buying a large piece that you don’t love and may be stuck with.

The second way to mix metals is to break it up with texture. Metal has a very strong feel within a space. So balance this texture with other textures. If you have too many hard surfaces in a space, it may be good to add some softer elements, such as throw blankets or pillows. Even using a piece of furniture can help. Try staying with furniture that is fabric upholstered rather than leather. The shine in a leather could compete with a glossy metal.

Mixing is something that takes time to master, so if you’re not happy with the result, keep working at it in order to get the perfect consistency.

Check out a couple of our favorite silver and gold accessories, and a couple examples of how we mix metals below.

silver globes
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Here is an example of how simple shelving, a built-in daybed, and sconces can transform any small space