Happy Place



Welcome to Simply Chic, the new interiors blog by Anne Hagerty of Anne Hagerty Interiors. In a new adventure into blogging, it seems only fitting to share some design inspiration from a recent trip to New York. Inspiration for interiors comes from all around us. A Rothko painting, a fabulous tweed jacket, maybe even a dressed up vintage bicycle… they can all inspire an interior space and the way we decorate the environments around us.

I mentioned to a colleague during our meeting in Tribeca that I was planning on heading to ABC Carpet and Home after lunch. He grinned, and with a slight sigh proclaimed that was his “Happy Place.” I have to agree. Floor after floor of beautiful design is at the same time all consuming and yet refreshing. It is easy to get lost in the vintage furniture and textiles and chandeliers. The little vignettes around each corner are like art pieces. I think I found my Happy Place.