Happily Mismatched

Whether it was Monica Geller, or the shabby chic movement who got the ball rolling on this trend, mismatched chairs have become an artform. We liken mismatched chair arrangements to the advice our mothers first gave us about makeup. Makeup application requires careful, methodical attention to detail, just so you can appear as if you’re wearing nothing at all. Likewise, the best mismatched chair arrangements appear effortless. Check out our top 5 tips for gorgeous chairs, and see why they are so happily mismatched.


1. Consistent color- Perhaps the easiest way to make sure your chairs are meshing well is to keep them all the same color. When using a single color as a unifying element, you can pretty much go wild with the chair selection.
a beautiful messhouzz 2. Consistent design- The other super easy way to make sure your chairs all agree with each other is to choose one design and play with color. This method allows you the freedom to experiment with colors you might not choose for an entire set of chairs. As long as the lines of the chair are from the same family, you’re fine.
abryanphotothekitchn3. Consistent material- A great way to keep your chairs cohesive is to choose a single material(such as wood), and let the design of the individual chairs and the varying finishes be organic. This is easiest to do with wood chairs because they can be found everywhere.

design sensibilityView More: http://brookepricephotos.pass.us/wed46134. Consistent size- For this next method you’ll want to carry your tape measure along when scouring local consignment shops or flea markets. Keeping all of the chair heights consistent is another great way to give the different shapes and colors some visual common ground.

ladolcevitablogall the pretties5. Overall scheme- The last tip is a little harder to master, but if you have a good eye, you can create a perfectly imperfect dining experience. These chair arragements are all based on sticking to an overall design scheme.


This space is clean and modern, but playful and girly at the same time, and the chairs reflect that aesthetic.
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This space is a little bit country, a little bit Scandinavian. The chairs combine the natural look of wood with the industrial feel of metal. The three elements present in the rest of the room are mimicked in the chairs: metal, natural wood, and white painted wood.
jacquelyn clark

This scheme is outdoors, so it doesn’t have a room design to work within. Instead, a design is created by choosing chairs that are all metal, all with curved lines, and all with delicate frames. The seats are upholstered in alternating solid green and white cushions. Beautiful!
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Keep in mind that it can take a little time to accumulate that blissful combination of chairs, so be patient, and most importantly, have fun!



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