East Meets West

After a recent trip to Shanghai and surrounding ancient villages in China, I am again inspired by design. Shanghai brings a new meaning to blending “old and new.” If these futuristic buildings can live in harmony with ancient temples in the same city, then surely your mid-century Modern chairs can live with your antique table.





On a trip to the water village of Zhouzhuang, China, I am reminded that design can be effortless. This ancient village was at the same time gritty and elegant. Simplicity is beautiful. Sometimes it’s best not to over think design.





We often hear that “design is in the details”. Here are Eastern elements that are translated directly into our Western vocabulary. From the intricate lattice woodwork in the ancient temples to the koi fish that swim happily in so many ponds, inspiration is every where we look. And design is a global translation of ideas and images that is ever evolving. This is why I never get tired of design (or traveling).


Temple at Jade Buddha Temple, Shanghai:

Serena & Lily Lattice Fabric:

Koi pond at Yu Gardens, Shanghai:

DeGournay Wallcovering:

Look around you and get inspired.

Bon Voyage!