Chandeliers for Every Style

Having clients who are more traditional as well as clients who are more modern, allows us to explore a myriad of pieces from all sorts of designers. Modern designers often talk about getting their inspiration from classic designs, so we went on a search for chandeliers that although they’ve never met, could almost be related. Take a look at these chandelier cousins.



1. TOB5032HAB-NPvia y lighting vienna chandelier


2. micheley lighting twilight 20 light chand


3. windsorModo_Chandelier_Jason_Miller1


4. circa flatlinemodern-pendant-lighting


5. natalya chandVertical-Linden-267x400

Which is your favorite of the pairs?




Images: 1. y lighting 2. circa lighting 3. y lighting 4. circa lighting 5. y lighting 6. (featured image)circa lighting 7. Modo Chandelier by Jason Miller 8. circa lighting 9. y lighting 10. circa lighting 11. Linen Chandelier by Charles de Lisle