Animals in Design

Animal print in fashion has been in style so long, it’s quickly becoming a classic. The animal aesthetic in the interior took a little longer to join in, maybe because animals in the interior conjured up images of large taxidermy collections covering the walls. Many of us prefer just a suggestion of the animal kingdom in our living space. The good news is that today there are endless subtle opportunities to bring this coveted aesthetic into your living spaces, especially through art.


Faux taxidermy has been trending for a while and all sorts of materials are being experimented with, such as resin, metal, and cardboard. The thing that we think makes faux taxidermy work so well is that it celebrates the animal form as a sculptural piece of art.
via housetweaking made of polyresintrend hunter

Another great find is the work of Pheromone by Christopher Marley. Using a shadow box effect, he works with various animal organizations all over the world to preserve wildlife that has died to create fascinating, educational artwork.
sugar and fluff tumblervia touch of modern

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose photographs animals(many of whom have been rescued), either in her studio or outside where they live, in which case they are photoshopped into a backdrop later. While these animals are being photographed, their caregivers are there to ensure their welfare. As an added bonus, The Animal Print Shop is able to support animal welfare organizations through this series. These photographs have a wonderful graphic quality, and the animals are breathtaking to behold against a clean white background.
restored styleThe Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose.trendnet

Bringing animals into your décor can bring your space to life. The best design with animals pays homage to the beauty of the animal without causing harm, which is why the pieces listed in this post are all gorgeous and humane ways to bring the animal kingdom to your space.



Images: 1.via pearls and cowboy boots 2. (featured image)via housetweaking 3. via trend hunter 4. via sugar and fluff tumbler 5. via touch of modern 6. via shopsweetthings 7. via the animal print shop 8. via trend net